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Episode 114 – Get Your Mind Tools
Episode 11426th July 2020 • Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger • Kellan Fluckiger
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 “So if you want to create your ultimate life, which is your life of purpose, prosperity, and joy, then working your mind out regularly is required, you have to keep learning. If you stop learning, your mind will stop developing, and your mind is able to form new neural connections.” - Kellan Fluckiger

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What you are about to learn

Mind tools are the mental approach that we take to things. Optimism, opportunity, and playfulness

Are you willing to walk that road? Working your mind out regularly is required. How do you work your mind out? You have to keep learning if you stop learning or thinking; your mind will stop developing.

Optimism -  is a choice. It isn't naive, and pessimism isn't realism. Often people think of optimism as being silly Pollyanna and naive. And people then describe people that are pessimists as being more grounded and more connected to the real world, and the opposite is exact. Pessimists perform more poorly, do worse in the boardroom, in the playing field, everything that optimists do. So I did a whole podcast on optimism and pessimism before. And you should listen to that if those interests you. Today, I want to frame that as you focus on developing your mind, keeping your mind sharp and developed and focused and valuable. Start with a choice to be optimistic and assume to continue to develop your mind. Start with something that interests you, so you’ll have the drive to finish the task. That optimism to get things done because you love it, you have your heart into it that will make you finish what you started.

Opportunity - If you are optimistic, you will have more opportunities. That means more opportunity for more business, opportunity to grow your business and make much money if you are targeting wealth. Optimism is like an iron-bound to opportunity.

Playfulness - you play along with the game. Now I am not saying that you’re ignoring or not being serious about things. This is just getting on the game. How can I play with this? What kind of a game can I make out of this? Whether it's a project or something around the house, or a business you're creating or a relationship you want to improve or develop? Approaching things with a playful attitude is an efficient and effective—way to approach this development. In other words, this development of your ultimate life.  And so choosing to go at things playfully and have that kind of a mindset goes hand in hand with optimism and creates opportunity. RFS  Ready, Fire, Steer, and that goes along with being playful. This is appropriate during this time that the world is changing. Like right now, with all the things that are happening because of the COVID situation. Many things are happening and evolving not only to one state but all over the world. So, get ready, get ready, then Fire, get ready, then move and start that business, start that job, and start that idea.   Let me tell you one thing, the more serious we are, the less effective we are.

Key Takeaways

“Now, what that means when you have to be playful, because if you go ready, fire steer, you're going to make more mistakes. And that's okay. Mistakes are a sign of action, not a sign of failure. Drill that in your head. There's no such thing as failure, the way that we have been taught there's a failure, which means you're bad, you suck or any of that kind of stuff. That's not true.”

“So your mind tools, study, develop your mind, approach things with optimism that will lead to more opportunity. Choose to live your life in the mode of ready fire steer, which means that mistakes are a sign of action, not a sign of failure.”

“If you're pessimistic, you find less. If you're optimistic, you find more. So if you're looking for opportunities to serve, you're looking for opportunities to grow your business, you're looking for opportunities to have a more meaningful life, then the first place to start is optimism. So that's optimism and its connection to opportunity.”

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