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Episode 62 - Tal Kollender - CEO & Co-Founder of GYTPOL
Episode 621st February 2024 • Cyber Inspiration • Evgeniy Kharam and Security Architecture
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Join us in this insightful episode as we dive into the fascinating journey of Tal Kollender, CEO and Co-founder of GYTPOL. Tal shares her remarkable story, from her early days of gaming to becoming a skilled hacker, and eventually, the visionary leader of a cybersecurity company.

In this candid conversation, Tal discusses her motivations for starting GYTPOL, a company focused on addressing device misconfigurations, human errors, and default settings. She opens up about the challenges she faced, the importance of building a strong company culture, and the unique path GYTPOL has taken in the world of cybersecurity.

Discover how Tal transitioned from a technical role to embracing sales, the lessons learned from running a startup, and the crucial role of passion in selling one's vision. Tal provides valuable insights into building a successful company, from hiring the right people to dealing with procurement challenges.

Don't miss this engaging episode, filled with anecdotes, advice, and the inspiring journey of a female CEO making waves in the cybersecurity landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tal's unconventional path from gaming and hacking to founding GYTPOL.
  • The genesis of GYTPOL and the pivotal role of addressing device misconfigurations.
  • Navigating the challenges of startup life and the decision to remain bootstrapped.
  • The significance of building a strong company culture and hiring the right people.
  • Tal's perspective on the balance between technical expertise and salesmanship.
  • Dealing with the highs and lows of running a startup and the role of passion in leadership.
  • Insights into the validation and evolution of GYTPOL based on customer feedback.
  • Tal's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and the importance of learning from mistakes.
  • Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of Tal's entrepreneurial journey and the innovative strides GYTPOL is making in the cybersecurity realm.