Why I trolled my troll (and don’t regret a thing). Interview with Jo Britton
Episode 1128th June 2021 • Courageous Content with Janet Murray • Janet Murray
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Would you have the courage to stand up to someone who trolled you online? Well that’s exactly what leadership coach Jo Britton did. In fact she didn’t just stand up to her bully, she created a piece of content about him.

In this interview, you’ll find out how Jo stood up to her online bully - with unexpected consequences.

[2:38] Why Jo used to be scared of video 

[4:30] How Jo’s business was hit by Lockdown

[7:29] The video Jo posted that attracted an online bully (and why she almost didn’t post it) 

[9:13] What made Jo decide to stand up to her troll (and how she did it) 

[14:04] How Jo’s followers responded to her brave decision 

[14:56] The surprising content problem Jo faced after standing up to her troll 

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