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106 Telling Your Story and Protecting Your Brand - An Interview with Pat Milhizer, Part 1 of a Two-Part Interview
Episode 10622nd June 2021 • Paradigm Shift with Christina Martini • Christina Martini
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In this episode, Christina Martini and Pat Milhizer discuss:

  • The art of media relations. 
  • Controlling the elements of the pitch to get the story that you want. 
  • The relationship between risk and control. 
  • The crucial role of preparation in media relations. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Your experience is your strength. Those things that you have seen and experienced as you grow in your professional career are what give you strength now. 
  • The only people who control the media are those who work in the media. 
  • You have news the audience wants. The audience wants to hear good things.
  • Skipping prep can spark regret.  It is worth the 30 minute practice to keep the positive event positive. 


"We have to do the small things right, or the big things won’t matter." —  Pat Milhizer


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