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Middle-Of-Funnel Facebook Marketing That Works: Using the Solutions 8 Matrix Method
5th June 2024 • The Google Ads Podcast • Solutions 8
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Dan and Glen share how the Solutions 8 Matrix System can boost the effectiveness of your Middle-of-Funnel Facebook marketing.

After incorporating the matrix into your Top-of-Funnel marketing, you'll notice that boosting your audience targeting, ad content, and engagement strategies to drive awareness and warm leads has never been better. If you haven't seen the video for the Top-Of-Funnel campaign setup using the Solutions 8 Matrix System, you can watch it here:   

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Now that things are off to a good start, it's time to nurture the targeted audience and gain their trust with the help of the Solutions 8 Matrix System for your MoF Facebook marketing.

Our Specialists Manager, Glen Wilson, and our Facebook Ads and Klaviyo expert, Dan Nikas, show you just how to do that. They also emphasize the importance of creating tailored content for the MoF stage and educating the audience about the products and how they solve specific problems. They also highlight why you should retarget audiences who have already shown interest in the brand since they are more likely to convert into customers. Watch this video now to learn more.

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