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We're Not Having A Mormon Funeral: A Life Celebration with Rene Steelman
Episode 2821st April 2023 • Mormon.ish • Rebecca Bibliotheca
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This week on Mormonish Podcast, Landon and Rebecca spend some time getting to know the wonderful Rene Steelman! Rene is an amazing woman with many life experiences we can all learn from. We discuss her sucessful podcast, "She Became Visible" gives a platform to women who are thriving and doing wonderful things in their communitieis. We also learned more about Rene's life, family and philosophy in this very engaging conversation. We thendiscuss the sensitve topic of the recent death of Rene's son. Rene tells us about her wish to not have an LDS funeral, although many family members might expect that. Instead Rene shares details about the beautiful celebration of life gathering she arranged in honor of her son. This is an episode of Mormonish that was very special to us, and I'm sure it will be to you too. Renee was an unforgettable guest!

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