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CoinMKG ERC-20 is an Asset-Backed cryptocurrency
4th May 2021 • MKG Tax Consultants News, View Points, Taxes & Finances • MKG Tax Consultants
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CoinMKG ERC-20 is an Asset-Backed cryptocurrency 

MKG Enterprises Corp Financial Services is a diversified consumer finance company. Our company provides virtual tax consultancy, blockchain, cryptocurrency payments, innovative tax refund financial products MKG Tax Consultants is considered one of the most innovative fintech in the tax industry. Combining blockchain, cryptocurrency, tax preparation, and tax refund together. Immutable and distributable CoinMKG ERC-20 can be redeemed for 1 US $1.00 giving it a stable price View Flipbook   As a leading tax preparation technology company, we are always thinking forward to growing our share in ERC-20 tax refund blockchain technology, crypto products. -- We believe this will enable us to leverage our financial products to become the fastest-growing tax refund blockchain provider in the US market.”

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