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Ways to win press coverage for your pet business from Facebook Groups with Jill Foster
Episode 2910th September 2020 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Have you been using Facebook groups to connect with journalists who might be interested in your story?

Or perhaps you would love a journalist to use you as an expert to comment on one of their articles?

Maybe you're already in a Facebook group and you've been plugging away with your story but it hasn't been picked up yet.

If that's the case then you will love this podcast episode with Jill Foster, a journalist and co-founder of Feature Me.

It's a Facebook group connecting journalists and people who want to share their story in the media.

It could be about a specific cause or a personal story, or to talk about their business.

Jill shares the best way to go about this, and how to become a go-to person for journalists.

Plus how NOT to behave in Facebook groups.

Key timings for this episode:

0.00 - Facebook groups and what's happening in the PR challenge.

3.02 - Jill's background as a journalist.

5.50 - How the FeatureMe group came about.

6.20 - What inspired Jill to set up the group.

10.15 - How the FeatureMe group works and why Jill only allows trusted journalists to share requests.

11.55 - Why it's really important to protect case studies who are considering appearing in the media.

12.50 - Some examples of the case study requests in FeatureMe.

18.40 - Examples of the pet requests in the group.

25.30 - How the media has changed and how people don’t need to hire a fancy PR to connect with journalists anymore.

32.00 - Best practice in the group to ensure you make the most of the opportunities there.

36.15 - How people can find out more and join FeatureMe.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Sign up for the PR challenge: PR challenge

Feature Me on Facebook: Feature Me Group

You can follow Feature Me on Twitter here: FeatureMe on Twitter

Jill's Website: Jill Foster website

Follow Jill on Twitter: Jill Foster on Twitter

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