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Geopats Podcasting - Stephanie Fuccio EPISODE 93, 21st June 2019
52 Internet: Brendan Davis, A Colocated American Expat Film & TV Writer, Producer, Director and Podcaster
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52 Internet: Brendan Davis, A Colocated American Expat Film & TV Writer, Producer, Director and Podcaster

In this podcast episode we chat with Brendan Davis, an American expat who has lived in China for many years. Brendan is a Film and TV Writer, Producer, Director and fellow Podcaster. His podcasts are: If I Knew You Better, Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom and How China Works. Brendan somehow has kept grounded as has been involved with some pretty spectacular creative projects globally. Okay, to be honest, he is a bit crazy, good crazy, as his website, https://www.crazyinagoodway.com admits to. The kind of crazy that you want in your life and in your earbuds. 


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 In this conversation Steph and Brendan chat about how his move to China changed what he did online, how he is splitting his time now that he has decided not to work IN China but will continue to keep a home base (and an Internet connection) here, and how he cultivated his crazy in a good way online persona while being a deep, thought provoking and may I say, wonderful human being.

 Listening Tip: Brendan had a powerful conversation recently with his dear friend Carl King on Carl’s podcast, The Carl King Podcast, where they dove way deeper into many aspects of the Brendan’s background including but not limited to his musical career (spoiler: he was on Star Search), working with Stan Lee and so much more. It’s a damn good pairing for this episode, so what the hell, open a bottle of wine (or kombucha), kick back and listen to these two long form podcast episodes back to back. https://soundcloud.com/carlkingdom/brendan-davis-interview-carl-king-podcast-15-060619

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Brendan’s Info: https://www.crazyinagoodway.com

Guest Spots: (in order)

-Intro: Ronald, Host of the Creativity Roots Podcast  & Virtual Expats Ep 62 Guest

-Break 1: Eva Yoo, Writer, SeekRoad YouTube Channel & Virtual Expats Ep 71 Guest

-Break 2: Greg from the Bangkok Podcast & Virtual Expats Podcast episode 69 Guest

Links: (in order)

-Santa Monica College: http://www.smc.edu/Pages/Home.aspx

-WeChat: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WeChat

-Rook Overman plays "Binary-Finary 1998" on guitar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfPa1SGTHqE

-996 workweek in China: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/29/technology/china-996-jack-ma.html

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