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Wanna be a better public speaker despite your ADHD?
Episode 2319th March 2023 • The Weeniecast - for ADHD entrepreneurs and neurodivergent business owners • Katie McManus ADHD entrepreneur coach
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Can you be more brave as an ADHD entrepreneur?

"It was the most mortifying experience of my life. And I'm saying that as a person whose skirt has flown up over her head in front of a bus full of tourists in San Francisco, I would do that every day for the rest of my life before I relived this one experience...." - Katie McManus, Brave Business Coaching

In this episode, I, Katie McManus, share my experience with overcoming my fear of public speaking. I was always scared and lacked confidence growing up, especially when it came to my public speaking duties.

I delve into a couple of personal, painful stories around this.

And I also explain how fears can often hold people back, how they're different for everyone, and how the thing that someone is most afraid of can actually make them successful!


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Pedaling to keep up 

People have always told me that I come across as super confident.

If only they saw me when I was a young kid.

We used to take the bicycles out and race down the hill. Well, my friends were racing. I was nervously following behind trying to keep up!

And as I reveal in the episode, the more people who think you're super confident, the more you withdraw with imposter syndrome!

Overcoming the public speaking nightmare

After the ordeal I went through with one of my professors, I knew I'd have to pull out all the stops to overcome that fear of public speaking.

And I did.

I made a point of facing that fear and I invested in my future.

Hopefully after listening to this episode, you'll be able to do the same!


This episode that's all about ADHD and being brave, covers:

  • My own struggles with being a weenie

  • My nightmare story about being in the middle of my fear!

  • What I did to overcome that fear.

  • What I'm suggesting you do to overcome your own absolute nightmare scenario!

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