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The Football History Dude - Sports History Network EPISODE 153, 10th February 2021
The Search For Jackie Wallace (with Ted Jackson)

The Search For Jackie Wallace (with Ted Jackson)

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You Ought To Do A Story On Me is a book about addiction, an unlikely friendship, and the endless quest for redemption. For the purpose of this podcast, the guest is Ted Jackson. He's a photojournalist from New Orleans, and his life changed in June of 1990 when he took a photo under an overpass of a homeless man named Jackie Wallace. Jackie woke up and uttered the same words as the title of the book, and when Ted asked him why that's so, Jackie said "because I played in 3 Super Bowls."

This story is the reason I brought Ted on the show, but we find out so much more from him and what he has covered in his career. Some of the highlights include (for this podcast) covering a whole bunch of New Orleans Saints games (including the Super Bowl victory,) going into Germany after the Berlin Wall broken through, into Castro's Cuba, Hurricane Katrina, and so many more stories that make you realize his lens has seen human existence unlike most people on this planet.

You can learn more about Ted's work and Jackie over at the page on the Sports History Network.


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