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The Corona Diaries - Steve Hogarth EPISODE 57, 31st May 2021
Chapter 57. Amsterdam, Scotland.
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Chapter 57. Amsterdam, Scotland.

It's a bit of a tech one this week, possibly even a bit nerdy - but I will let you be the judge (so as not to offend). To be fair to us both, Ant DID used to sell Shure Microphones and I am, well.. a singer.

Ant & I got into a chat off air about 'comping' and to cut a long story short that is how we got into the subject of the various stages involved in recording my vocal performances.

Of course by the end of this you are going to be able to talk with authority about 'comping', 'tracking', 'compression' and pre-amps. I am also going to let you into a secret about the end section of Neverland and you may even find out what Peter G keeps in his cupboard. No not THAT cupboard - the other one...

Toodle Pip,


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