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Where To Start With Financial Benchmarking
Episode 3612th October 2021 • School Business Leadership • Laura Williams
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Micon Metcalfe, School Business Professional and MAT Executive Leader, returns to the show to talk about all things financial benchmarking. Is it worth it? How does it work? What info should you be looking at? This episode has all the answers!

And because it’s us… we didn’t stop there (again!) We also talk about governance, Ofsted, the ESFA, the DfE, the SRMA role and MATs in terms of growth, central team structures and what we think the future holds for education generally…

Really, there is nowhere we won’t go!

The episode at a glance:

[2:15] – Micon shares her views on financial benchmarking, how and why this has shifted over time and the role of the SRMA

[29:04] – Micon discusses Ofsted inspections from a MAT perspective plus how she feels about scrutiny, GAG-pooling, and much more! 

[40:27] – Micon shares her advice for those SBLs who aren’t ‘allowed’ to observe or participate in critical strategic discussions 

[46:22] – Micon talks about how you can get started with financial benchmarking 

[01:02:02] – Micon talks about the challenges in the sector both now and moving forward and what we can do to weather them

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