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Ethical Relationship Building in Action Research with Joe (Part-2)
Episode 31st December 2022 • The Action Research Podcast • Adam Stieglitz & Joe Levitan
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Welcome back to Part 2 of the episode; Ethical Relationship Building in Action Research with Joe. In this episode, we are continuing our conversation from last season on ethical relationship building based on an article that Joe published. If you haven’t heard that one, it is episode 10 of season 2.

It’s great when friends of the podcast engage with our conversations, and in this episode, our good friend Alfredo Ortiz Aragon sent us some great insights about thinking through some of the implications of the ideas in the first episode and trying to find different ways to contextualize some points. Joe, Vanessa, & Adam start the conversation with responding to Ortiz’s comments (2:13). They then carefully articulate their thoughts on themes such as role of emotions in research (8:11), how emotions can manifest in the field (11:25), how relationship building through reflexivity is both internal and external process (22:57), and how we can build ethical relationships while navigating the complexities in the AR process (29:01). Tune in to listen to this wholesome episode with our trio Joe, Vanessa and Adam.



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