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Medicine In Pain with Eddie Enever
Episode 1027th September 2021 • The Natural Evolution • Michael Roesslein
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Eddie knows all too well how the body responds to chronic stress.  At age 33 he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which ended up coming back 3 times.  He didn’t have a real healing breakthrough until he started dealing with the stress he was avoiding.  

Eddie is a highly experienced naturopath, cancer and chronic disease coach, practitioner mentor, as well as a meditation, mindfulness and breathwork teacher, and founder of CSRT (Cold- Stress Resilience Training). To say Eddie has developed strength and resilience in his life is an understatement. Eddie is a three time cancer survivor, he's also had his battles with anxiety and depression, he's been through a marriage break up as well as financial demise, BUT, he got through it all, bounced back and recreated a successful business, a loving relationship with his kids, partner and him-self and has a successful career full of meaning and purpose.

"My personal mission is to raise public awareness of the role of chronic, persistent stress on ALL levels of health. I have experienced first hand how stress can seriously impact your health and happiness. I'm passionate about providing support, skills and resources to help others to better manage stress, improve their health and increase their quality of life." 

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