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133. Turning podcast listeners into email subscribers with Magan Ward
Episode 1331st November 2022 • The Podcast Manager Show • Lauren Wrighton
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Today my guest is Email Marketing Strategist Magan Ward. We discuss how you can help your podcast clients turn their podcast listeners into email subscribers so they can build a relationship with them outside the podcast. Magan shares with us why email lists are so important to podcasters, and she gives us some amazing strategies and tips to start or grow your email list. We discuss creating bite-sized lead magnets, what to include in your emails, and how to engage and retain your subscribers. She also shares examples how email lists have helped her client increase their monthly downloads to almost 1M downloads a month, and how you can too.

In this episode, we cover:

- How Magan started working online and her work with podcasters

- Podcasting as a business vs podcasting as a lead magnet to your business

- Why email lists are important to podcasters

- Using your unique brand to create content that draws new subscribers to your email list

- Creating bite-size lead magnets to entice new subscribers

- What does it take to get someone to give you their email address

- How often should podcasters talk about lead magnets and how often should they change it up

- How to engage and retain subscribers once they are on the email list

- What to include in your emails to your subscribers

- What you can do today to start or grow your email list

- The fine line between effective lead magnets and giving too much away

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