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How To Be A Great Daughter Dad, Ep #8
Episode 820th August 2023 • Dads On Tap • Scott Mawdesley
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Aisha I. DeBerry, J.D. is a podcaster, author, speaker, and DEI Professional. She is the creator of, a safe space where she hosts masterclasses in the areas of DEI, more specifically inclusive leadership

She also had a dad who was deeply involved in every aspect of her life. He operated outside of traditional gender norms and was there for her at every step. Because of this, Aisha has always been comfortable having honest conversations with him. She realized that she and her dad have a unique relationship. 

It’s also one of the reasons why Aisha launched a podcast with her dad called “Dad Daughter Dialogues.” She wanted to delve deeper into his life stories and have meaningful conversations about life, love, and even politics. Eventually, the podcast morphed into a book. 

In this episode of Dads on Tap, Aisha shares what it’s like to have a great dad, and encourages dads to press into their relationships with their daughters when things get challenging. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Learn more about Aisha’s dad [1:33]
  • Aisha’s favorite memories of her father [4:28]
  • Press into a relationship with your daughter [7:59] 
  • Dad Daughter Dialogues (book + podcast) [13:15] 
  • What Aisha learned about her dad [16:24]
  • The concerns for the dads of today [20:05] 
  • What’s encouraging about today’s dads [23:08]
  • Navigating social media with your daughters [25:32] 
  • A conversation about diversity, equity, and inclusion [30:12] 
  • A question for you to wrestle with [40:20]

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