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Talking To The Past To Influence The Future With Aseloka Smith Of The Colored Girl Beautiful Podcast
Episode 1523rd October 2020 • Geopats Podcasting • Stephanie Fuccio
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We are firmly seated in the United States for this episode. Well, I (Steph) am currently in Tirana, Albania (check on IG or on Twitter for more about this) but my guest, Aseloka Smith of the Colored Girl Beautiful podcast, is in the U.S. With Geopats Podcasting we hope to shake up your podcast creation process by listening to how others use the medium around the world and Aseloka will definitely get your creative juices flowing with what and how she has done The Colored Girl Beautiful. Also inspiring is our sponsor for this episode, Podcorn. They are a marketplace connecting Podcasters to Advertisers. There is more information about their services at 14:23 in this episode but for now I just want to say thanks Podcorn, for the sponsorship.  

Although Aseloka was touched by the places in Latin America that she lived earlier in her life, it is time her travel to engage with African-American singer, political activist and the Author of the book The Colored Girl Beautiful (TCGB) that inspired the podcast, E. Azalia Hackley ,  that brings her on the show.

Actually, I became aware of Aseloka and her podcast when I saw her on the Podcasters Roundtable. She is one of those people that expresses ideas in such a down to earth and insightful way that I knew I had to meet her. You all know that this podcast is my excuse to meet people I admire, right? There is a link in the show notes to that appearance.  

During this conversation, Aseloka and I dig into the emotional, racial and creative layers woven into her podcast. And there are many. We also tap into the practical side of creating a podcast because the fact that Aseloka did the Google Podcast Creators Program, a Master’s degree and worked a full time job while creating season 1 of TCGB is nothing less than amazing and I am pretty sure we can all learn from her. A special shout out needs to go out to Nicole Hill, the Producer of TCGB. You’ll know why after listening to this conversation.   

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