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Podcaster Stories - Danny Brown EPISODE 4, 29th October 2020
Sarah St John of Frugalpreneur
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Sarah St John of Frugalpreneur

In episode 4 of season 2 of Podcaster Stories, I sit down with Sarah St John of the Frugalpreneur podcast.

Frugalpreneur shows people how to build a business on a bootstrapped budget, and interviews entrepreneurs to answer your questions about being successful online.

Topics up for discussion this week include:

  • how the show originally started as a complementary piece to market her book
  • how podcasting introduces you to so many people that can help you
  • how her change to an interview-style show reignited her podcasting passion
  • how a lack of podcasting resources saw her start her own company to offer exactly that
  • why she took almost a year off from her podcast, and how Covid presented an opportunity to relaunch
  • how the experience has been, compared to her expectations for it
  • how Covid has made her much more focused and consistent with her show
  • why she prefers the intimacy of podcasting
  • how her own networking opportunities have exploded through the podcast
  • how she found her love of entrepreneurship
  • the episodes that have stood out for her, and why
  • how she takes something away from every guest she has on her show
  • how she's taken the best of her shows and created an online podcasting course
  • why she's aiming to do more solo shows in 2021
  • what advice she'd give new podcasters
  • why being a guest on podcasts is so key to growing your business
  • why John Lee Dumas is her hero

Settle back for a look at entrepreneurship on a budget, and how podcasting can help drive the goals and results you're looking for.

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