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021 Trust vs. Control
Episode 2129th January 2024 • The Infinite Potential of Being Human • Nicky Clinch
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When you trust in who you are, then you can navigate any storm. You can take whatever risks you need to take and deal with whatever consequences come with it.

But are humans ever in control? How much trust do you have in who you truly are? 

In this episode, I’ll tackle trust versus control, how to enter the abyss of profound meaninglessness, and why you don’t need to be in control of everything you do in life. 

What You’ll Learn:

-The difference between trust and control

-Breaking down the paradigm of control

-Why anxiety is a pandemic for the modern human

-Why control is an absolute life killer

-The difference between fear and anxiety

-What is trust? 

-Why you need to allow yourself to be in the unknowing

-How to break free from your attachment to meaning 

-Breaking down the two main types of trust

-How to develop a strong ability to trust who you are

-The benefits of trusting in the universal flow of life


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