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Landscape Scale Collaboration
Episode 531st August 2023 • Natural Capital • Farm Advisory Service
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Protecting, valuing and restoring natural capital at the landscape scale requires a joined-up effort and collaboration amongst different landowners and groups. In this episode we are joined by Ross MacLeod from the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust to talk about landscape scale and collaborative farming initiatives.  

We discuss the importance of collaboration, GWCTs ‘Farm Clusters’ approach; what they are and why they have set them up, and their involvement in NatureScot’s Natural Capital Pilot. Natural Capital is central to wildlife management and conservation in Scotland and we discuss the importance of evidence-based best practice, nature-friendly land management and biodiversity net gain.   

Host Rachel Smillie, producer Iain Boyd, editor Ross Mackenzie, executive producer Kerry Hammond. 



The importance of Natural Capital for GWCT: 2:24 – 5:04 

Farm clusters and landscape scale solutions: 5:04 – 8:45 

How can a farmer set up a farm cluster?: 10:53 - 11:50 

Public and private funding and finance: 12:32 - 16:11 

Natural Capital assessments, tools and actions: 16:20 – 23:15 

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