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Episode 16th February 2024 • Impact Stories with Nick Kershaw • Nick Kershaw
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Episode Overview:

Join Nick Kershaw in the first 2024 episode of Impact Stories as he dives into the multifaceted concept of 'powerful' and its significance in the world of Impact Marathon Series.


  • 0:00: Introduction to the episode and a warm welcome back
  • 0:35: Overview of Nick Kershaw and the genesis of Impact Marathon Series
  • 2:00: The philosophy and ethos behind Impact Marathon
  • 3:50: The unique challenges and rewards of organising impactful races
  • 5:10: Goals and format of the podcast and what listeners can expect
  • 6:30: An invitation to find inspiration and challenge perspectives
  • 7:50: Upcoming themes and honest discussions on the podcast
  • 9:10: The deep dive into what ‘powerful’ truly means
  • 11:00: Exploring diverse interpretations of 'powerful'
  • 13:20: Relating 'powerful' to Impact Marathon's ethos and impact
  • 15:30: Concluding thoughts and a teaser for the next episode

Key Topics Discussed:

  • The inspiration behind Impact Marathon Series
  • The broader impact of running and community involvement
  • Various interpretations of 'powerful' and their relevance to Impact Marathons
  • Impact Marathon's unique approach to creating powerful experiences

Mentioned in this Episode:

  • Impact Marathon Series
  • Concept of 'Powerful' in different contexts
  • Upcoming themes for the podcast

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  • Tune in for the next episode on Powerful Communities




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