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As the Sons of Issachar
16th May 2021 • Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie • Eric Ludy
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The world is changing at warp speed. Is this change good or bad? That depends on how we respond to it.

One of the great secrets of the Christian is to know the things that must NEVER change in our lives as well as the things that often MUST change in our lives as this world crazily morphs around us. 

The Sons of Issachar were noted in Scripture for “understanding the times in which they lived.” This is an attribute of strength that would serve the Church well at present. Many of us are dizzied, confused, and angry about the fast-paced change taking place in our world, but few of us feel like we have a clear grip on God’s purposes in this hour and know precisely how to bring the Gospel to this confused and needy world as a result of this change. Oh, Lord Jesus, raise up men and women in this hour that understand the times and can help the Church triumphantly navigate this tumultuous season. 

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