From Broke to Badass with Cally Ingebritson
Episode 1516th June 2022 • Minority Money • Emlen Miles-Mattingly
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A lot of people have very heavy emotions around money - from anxiety about their financial state to shame from past mistakes. Many of these emotions stem from a lack of financial education and entry points. But when you’re a minority in the United States and access to this information is held by certain privileged groups it can be difficult to break past these barriers. But if we come together as a community and uplift one another we can shake things up and create a more equitable system AND country!

To kick off our first episode of celebrating Pride Month 2022, I’m happy to be joined by Cally Ingebritson of Chillax Finance. As a financial coach and proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, she is dedicated to helping members from underrepresented backgrounds bring clarity to their financial plans and make decisions that align with their lifestyles and values.

If you’ve been feeling stuck with traditional finance then make sure to join Cally and me as we discuss how you can get started on developing a confident and positive relationship with your finances!


>> How Cally got started in the financial world

>> Cally’s ‘Broke to Badass’ mindset

>> The financial service industry is ‘pale, male, and stale’

>> How Cally helps clients go from broke to badass

>> What motivates Cally to grow

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