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Managers in God's Household: Stewardship in Fresh Perspective
Episode 14616th September 2021 • Anabaptist Perspectives • Anabaptist Perspectives
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Biblically, stewardship includes our skills and social roles, not just our use of money. It is about the role we play in God’s household. Marlin Sommers, Kyle Stoltzfus, and Reagan Schrock discuss these concepts and how they can practically play out. Marlin shows us how being a manager in God’s household is much more involved than it is often given credit for.

This conversation is based around three essays Marlin wrote for our blog: “Essays for King Jesus.” Watch a short animated video based on the first essay:

Manager’s in God’s Household:

Business People among God’s Servant-Managers:

Entrepreneurs as Servant-Managers:

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This is the 146th episode of Anabaptist Perspectives, a podcast, blog, and YouTube channel that examines various aspects of conservative Anabaptist life and thought.

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