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647: The Dangers of the Snooze Button // Spiritual Lessons from Alfred the Great 05 (Eric Ludy)
23rd June 2021 • Daily Thunder Podcast • Eric Ludy + Nathan Johnson
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This is the fifth episode in Eric Ludy’s epic summer Daily Thunder series drawing on the legendary life of Alfred the Great. In this particular episode he dives into the two distinct ways that the Kings of the island of Britain dealt with the Vikings in the ninth century. The most popular way was to pacify them and give them what they wanted so that they would leave town. This was called, paying the Danegeld. While the other way was much more difficult and involved a great expenditure of energy and strength. It was called fighting them. In history, it has been shown time and again, that to pay the Danegeld doesn’t work. In fact, it empowers the invader to come back for more and more and more — until nothing is left. Whereas, the second method, though it be the harder way, actually gets the job done. How are we engaging the Vikings that are attempting to invade our life?