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Katya Davydova brings some Joy to the REMarkable! podcast
Episode 911th February 2022 • REMarkable! • Steven Rick & Tim Elliott
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REMarkable ! is a podcast show is where I, Tim Elliott & Steve Rick have free-flowing, long-form conversations with people doing remarkable things in their life or work so that they may inspire us to do something remarkable too.

In this episode, we speak to a soon to be world-famous author, a fellow member of The Spill Teem all the way from Cali -forn -i-a , Katya Davydova

Katya's mission is to create a more joyful world. By day, she is an expert leadership facilitator at companies like Google, Netflix, and Dropbox, teaching managers, execs, and ICs essential skills like strategic thinking, communication, and feedback. She is also the author of Joy in Plain Sight, a collection of stories and essays celebrating wonder in the ordinary against the backdrop of our always-on, always-busy world. When she's not working, you can find her doing handstands on mountain tops, makings friends out of strangers in a grocery aisle, or getting lost in live music.

Since the overall mission is to spread more joy, Katya is offering live, interactive sessions to support you or your team's culture of joy:

  • private 1:1 coaching to create a daily habit system of joy in a busy world
  • a customized 60-90 minute workshop to help your team or organization create more joy rooted in three behaviour-based habits
  • a tailored book talk for your local community.

You may book her by emailing and she'll share one-pagers of the above sessions and set up a 30-minute free consultation call to discuss your needs.



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