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The EIS Navigator - Brian Moretta, Hardman & Co EPISODE 16, 12th January 2021
16 - Rajeev Saxena on marketing for startups
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16 - Rajeev Saxena on marketing for startups

Marketing is a make-or-break area for almost all startups. Having started his career in advertising, Velocity Capital's Rajeev Saxena is an expert on the topic, particularly digital, and we probe his knowledge to get insight for both investors and startups.

We discuss wide range of areas: the growth of subscription models and how startups looks at them, the mistakes startups make and the support that they need. We also touch on the dominance of Google and Facebook and the pros & cons of this. Rajeev also brings plenty examples of the steps that startups have taken to put them on a better marketing path.

Finally, Velocity has one of the most diverse teams in the EIS industry and we discuss how well the latter is doing.

Velocity Capital Advisors - https://www.velocity.co.com/

Juice Ventures - https://juice.ventures/