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Organifi Green Juice | Food Babe 7 Day Sugar Detox | Montana Summer Garden 2016
12th August 2016 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Hey everyone!

So just wanted to touch base talk about a couple of things real quick! It’s Friday, August 12, 2016 and I actually have my mic out for the first time in a  while! I think I’ve only had it out like 3 times this summer. IDK why it’s been so hard  for me to podcast, I’ve been working like crazy, but it seemed like I worked like crazy last summer too so idk?

But anyway, I will try to keep putting out one episode a week and then I’be been thinking on Thursdays I might try to replay some of the older episodes so if you’re new to the podcast you’ll get to listen to some of those or it’s always good to repeat things, if you start to notice some older shows repeating on Thursdays, I was thinking of maybe playing some of the rockstar millennial episodes or the Crossfit Gardener Hall-of-Famers, or some of the most downloaded episodes sort of the Best of the Organic Gardener Podcast things…

But another thing I really wanted to talk about is

well 1st

Payton and Leah

I think this summer i have really learned a lot about appreciation for how much time Mike and i have had in the garden in the past, I know it will come around again, this summer’s kind of gotten away from us and so… it’s just made me really appreciative of what we have had and also just visiting down at my grand0daughters and step-daughter’s garden, they’re garden is just so cute and so sweet, it’s just a tiny little 10×10 space and she’s been sharing her peas with me, and her sunflowers are like 3 times as big as mine and just the value of having a tiny little garden, they have been getting a ton of produce, my grandson was down there yesterday puling carrots he was just in shock last night, what you don’t have carrots for me to pick Grandpa? And just how much you can grow in a tiny little space, just want to encourage you there… 

Another thing I want to share is something that has been working for me…

If your friends with me on fb u know i just turned 49 and have never been so excited to rock a birthday year! Partly because 2015 was such a great year meeting so many of u amazing listeners and guests in person or in the phone and just getting such a hopeful positive view of the future, getting to meet some in person. Basia and Richard Mata coming out of the Organic Gardener Podcast Facebook group.

Organic Gardening Podcast Group

Of course I’ll hope you’ll join us in the Organic Gardener Podcast Facebook group… I think that was one thing last summer, I spent more time looking for guests, and reaching out to people. If you know a guest or want to be a guest and share your gardening story that would be fantastic. So that was something that was something that happened to me! 

And so Im excited to go into 2016 and I just wanted to share something that has helped me incredibly. I know a lot of you are short on time like me and it’s this superfood drink. It’s just a powder that you put a scoop in your cup and mix it with water and it’s really sweet tastes like coconut water or something. I am going to reach out to them maybe eventually and see if they will be a sponsor but I am not getting anything for this but I just wanted to share because I know a lot of you are short on time like me and if you want a great drink!

Organifi Freedom Journal

To get a Freedom Journal and discount just go to and use promo code fire :-)

That’s from the guy who taught me how to podcast, John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur on Fire Promo code… and My Fitness Pal, where I keep track of what I eat all day and it really boosts my nutrients you also get a free copy of the Freedom Journal which is 100 days to reach your number one goal. It’s just been a game changer for me!

Food Babe 7 Day Sugar Detox

And just seeing how much better I felt, I much fuller I felt, how much healthier I felt I started this thing called the Food Babe 7 Day Sugar Detox. If I can make it through a 7 Day Detox that’s something really special.And I know it all started with the Organifi!


I’ve talked about the Food Babe A little bit on my podcast she goes around and collets petitions to change our food system. She’s the one that got Kraft to dump the orange dye out of mac and cheese here in the US. She’s worked on different campaigns to make our food more healthy. She just announced she’s having a baby so she’s posting on Snapchat etc about having an organic pregnancy and it’s fun to see her snaps… if you’re on Snapchat, I always toll you follow me on snapchat and follow her too.

So I am on Day 5 of the Sugar Detox, so I haven’t had any sugar this week, ate any processed foods, ok, that’s not true the kids came last night and we had pizza, but other then that…

My Freedom Journal goal is 100 days to a new me! I’m gonna try to eat healthier, walk my talk more, I talk about organic gardening but I want to work on my budget so I can buy more organic options at the store and I just have to say Organifi has been the biggest game changer in getting me there. So if you want an easy way to put more green super foods in your diet. Try Organifi.

I actually heard about it from John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur on Fire podcast, I  heard it from Lewis Howe’s School of Greatness Podcast and he’s an athlete… and I actually wrote to John and asked do you really use this and he said yes every morning. I’ve been drinking it, I’m almost through my first tub, so I’m gonna have to order more!

To get a Freedom Journal and discount just go to and use promo code fire :-)

With the discount, I think it came out to like $50 with shipping, so it’s like $2/day, but to get all those nutrients, it’s easy to drink, I go to work, I’m not hungry, super convenient. If you want to get some superfoods in your life, I just wanted to recommend it. They’re not sponsoring my show, I might reach out to them down the line and see if they would be interested.

I love John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur on Fire podcast, it’s super inspirational, so he will get something, so if you go there, you get a free Freedom Journal. 100 days to reach your number one goal, whether it’s a fitness goal, a writing goal, a business goal, a gardening goal? Whatever your goal could be. 100 days to getting your garden started or this fall, whatever you’re gonna grow.

And the theFood Babe’s 7 Day Sugar Detox, IDK it’s working for me, I haven’t had sugar in my coffee, I haven’t had a chocolate chip, ice cream, she has this great recipe for this yummy chia pudding! My refrigerator’s completely redesigned, it’s got some new foods in it, some old foods I haven’t had in a while…she has a vegetarian and a meat version. Which are surprisingly very similar. I liked a lot of the meat meals were wild caught fish so I bought Mike a fishing license yesterday even though he said he’s not gonna catch any til the ice freezes and he goes ice fishing but maybe he’ll snag some salmon this fall. That’s our one compromise, we eat a lot of fish if we can.

So I just thought I’d mention it if your looking for an easy, quick, green food supplement it’s really working for me, it’s really helped me change my diet, it’s only been like 2-3 weeks. I’m just loving this Organifi!

And thank you for listening! I hope you’ve been as inspired as I have been. If you know a guest or want to be a guest I think it’s so fun to reach out to you. I can’t thank you enough for listening and helping change our world! I hope you’re as inspired as I am and I’ll keep trying to bring you great guests!

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