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Songs That Lived Beyond the Film (with Ian Temple)
Episode 5412th October 2022 • Themes and Variation • Soundfly
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"A good theme — like the 'Pink Panther' or 'Baby Elephant Walk' — can work all the way through the picture, which is what I did with them. So, for me, a good melody is not just a pretty tune." – Henry Mancini

Music's presence in a film or television show can completely transform the audience experience. It can set the scene, heighten emotions, provide context clues, and so much more. Every now and then, a piece of music can even take on a life of its own, creating a legacy beyond its cinematic origins.

To celebrate some pieces from the pictures and Soundfly's newest course, Intro to Scoring for Film and TV, Carter and Mahea sat down with composer, pianist, and Soundfly CEO, Ian Temple to discuss "Songs That Lived Beyond The Film."

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Check out each song mentioned on the episode with this playlist!

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