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If They Ain’t Jivin’, They Ain’t Signin’
26th July 2021 • Sales Training. Close It Now! • Sam Wakefield
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Work to become someone worth buying from and people will be buying from you. Remember the important stuff -- the value of your company and the value of you. Slow down and don't be overwhelmed with the number of appointments you receive and pay attention. Relate to your clients and match their energy.

On this episode of Close It Now, Sam talks about the importance of staying connecting to your clients, paying attention, taking care of yourself to improve your client's perception of you and learn about the direct correlation between sales and how you take care of yourself.

If They Ain't Jivin', They Ain't Signin'


Hey hey hey, Welcome back Sam Wakefield here with close it now we got a really cool topic for today is something I heard from somebody recently got a name of Ben. it was so impactful when I heard it that it just made me immediately want to record this to you guys. So what is going to be is you know how to stay connected to that client you know it's a it's important to stay connected to the client while you're in the home and to pay attention so we're going to cover that today so a couple of things, reminders that will get you keep you on pace keep you on track. one of the things that sound up the topics I guess today the other one is the importance of taking care of yourself I know in our industry we can you know go out there in just work your face off especially this time of year when it starts to really warm up when it starts to become busy with pretty crazy out there. so many times people will set different things well 100% not true and then things got self care things, things that are important like your exercise routine I don't care who you are you must have an exercise routine and also nutrition how many times do you find yourself driving thru mcdonalds, on those fast food joints, and especially you’re in the area like im in austin, where there’s more restaurants per capita than any other cities in north america. And often the food here is amazing so, geez, on my 1st year I gained so many pounds trying so many restaurants. it was not good for myself no that was one of my worst years ever because I was so focused on everything else I mean I still wasn't bad but it definitely wasn't anywhere like it wasn't you know the few years after that but The thing is you know cells is not the performance of an hour cell is the overflow of a life that's why you hear me say so many times work to become someone worth by front and people will buy from you increase your focus on your growth your personal growth through reading the drive time university like we talked about all the time got to use drive time university but you know that imagine the so this will be topic one today obviously is imagine you're life as like a wheel and you've got spokes on a wheel and each of the spokes represents something different what are the and So what we're going to do here is a quick exercise so you can get a good idea of where you are and through the the high performance coaching program in there out there turn killing it they’re crushing that and and you know my buddy Nick (inaudible) actually supposed to video in the Facebook group he is a stone cold killer he is a closer like you wouldn't believe this last summer I think he would like 19 in a row you know 16 in a row something like that it was just insane but it went through some of did some coaching with me and then it was go 2-3 months later he calls me up is like bro I'm in a slump man I haven't sold anything in like 2 weeks dude I don't know what's going on So what we did is we walk through this exercise and sure enough three days later he calls him back like man I'm on fire again I just closed two close two in a row today working on my third let's go right and so the exercise is really simple but I really want you to focus on it if are you in a slump or anytime you're in the slot come back to this episode and let's walk through this exercise and it will help you recognize how to get this out of it is not if that's not enough get ahold of me will do discovery session and do a tune up so The thing is so imagine that your life is right all the spokes in the wheel represents something different so you've got the infamous people the strongest spoke is your your skills you know the one spoke is you know is actual sales skills your presentation your knowledge of your equipment and knowledge of your service everything that you do asking them out I actually I'm focusing on one of the other spokes we'll get to in a minute right this second but so the first one is your knowledge of your industry what you do but the other wheel of the spokes are what happens when we get busy and we get out there in the in the season hits and it's 105 degrees or it's 5 degrees an you're just out there working you're facing stop all the time so the other spokes represents that one is nutrition you know what do you feeding your body you cannot operate but as $1,000,000 plus level eating from the dollar makeup your body will not support that it will shut down on you also this is total side topic there is a direct correlation to your cells related to your weight and this is in the way that your clients perceive you and I'm not beating anybody up because I have 100% being the bad guy and I'm 100% of the skinny guy in the house and what I've noticed is an it has to do partly with confidence as you are more fit as your armor in shape the perception from the client part of it is your own confidence but the other is the perception of the client and I've actually pulled quite a few customers about this have got quite a few clients about this and ask them the general consensus from them is when and I'm just getting used generic terms here and this is not I promise this is not fat shaming at all but if you're sensitive to that but here's the thing what the clients basically said was when a you know an overweight cells burst comes to that I asked there not as likely to choose them because the and this is subconscious inner monologue I really had to ask you know really pretty probing questions to be able to get them to you know kind of come to this realization but they're basically told me that the subconscious idea is if they this person does it have enough disk planning have enough ability to control to take care of themselves how in the world are they going to be able to take care of my project if they can't take care of their own body with discipline and all the things it needs to take care of it that way how ae they gonna take care of my project and man that but when I started asking people about that and it did kind of should be an you know an it's not intentional as things that you know homeowners and clients they think that they do and instantly but it's subconscious I mean we're programmed different ways just it happens you know judging a book by its cover so I've gotta episode go ahead and judge by its cover yes first impressions are massively important so that's one of the first impression so your nutrition is one of the spokes one of the other spokes is your fitness what are you doing for exercise you know I'm not here to say that you have to do you know weight lifting or you have to be a marathon runner you have to do anything but more importantly I need you to understand that some sort of exercise is crucial crucial for every single individual if you want to be a whole complete person we all know this start with the little things make the little changes as that's spoke #2 spoke number three is your relationship relationship with your parents are alive still relationship with your relationship with your spouse or your partner relationship with you know brother sisters with your kids with you or whoever especially family relationships are massively important are those healthy are you doing this things it takes to keep those healthy the next one is your spiritual life what does that spiritual actually again I'm not here to promote anything specifically when it comes to spiritual life because even I will take a an agnostic or an atheist has a spiritual belief or they wouldn't claim even that like with the address on choosing making a choice so it doesn't matter but everyone has their own spiritual beliefs how are you in that are you doing the things that you know you should be doing that resonates with your soul and with your heart to be healthy in the spiritual and the and the other thing is personal growth what are you doing for first grow obviously Christians do this podcast drive time university then that it dinner working on it but also be reading yeah center but it's awesome I've said this before you know the 15 year career and outside sales person are outside service tech drive time that windshield time instead of listening to the radio or listening to music whatever if you actually use that for focused education time through audiobooks through podcasts through different courses or whatever then that's the equivalent of three PhDs, a 15 year career if you use all of your windshield time is the equivalent of three not one not two but three pH D's So what are you becoming a doctor again what are you becoming an expert in I hope that well that’s your personal growth, and so like what I mentioned, I am out walking, I started the 75 part program which is it's a lot of work it's 2 45 minute workout today is part of the program one of them must be outside so that's what I'm doing and it really taught me the importance of this to connect you guys related to you so that is that's what's going on with me right now so I'm out of breath and recording this for you because it's important so when Nathan called me happy was like bro I'm in a slump we went through every one of those hopes and then I said OK now rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 right in this minute it doesn't matter what you've done in the past or where you've been you could have been in a tent at some point and they need those folks in its fluid they can change overtime as we lose our focus and we lose our balance in life but as but rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 on all those spokes what do you not doing right now that you were doing before when you're a crushing it and for him with any one thing as I change that one thing and actually was coming into a couple two couple things but three days later he calls me up man I went back and did exactly what you said when we started this 10 20 if those things fixed my nutrition got back in the gym because I had start it on that now I'm not crushing it again and it was a simple list at and you can do the same thing ready for self pulling that scale of 1 to 10 on each of the spokes and see where you're lacking see what where you need to shift some focus and work on those and it and it has to be huge changes trying to just improve it maybe from 3 to 4 5 in one of those spokes, we all know that we can improve life is a constant improvement right so that is topic number one. topic number two well first of all right handed you get some value from this is really crucial that I mean when you call me up I'm going to take you through these things and we can walk through it together and pinpoint where you need some we need some changes like they get changes you have to make changes otherwise that's insanity doing the same thing and expect yourself. so topic number 2 is how do we stay connected to the client because there's a saying that I heard from my friend Ben if they ain't vibin they ain't sign in and we all know this we've got to remember so as we start getting into the season as it picks up it gets busy when I want you to remember in a slow the heck down don't be so overwhelmed with the number of appointments you're going to have that you start just rushing through your appointments slow the heck down slow down pay attention to the class if you need you know match their energy if they vibin they ain't sign in it's our job to connect to them on a personal level people buy from people the choices they are making is to choose your company choose user representatives it doesn't matter what product you're offering that's not what the choice is not a client's mind they think that it's almost like a decoy you know when it comes down there like OK well tell me about this brand of this brand but it's not about that we all know thought about that and they know it's not about that however we've got to remember the important stuff and communicate that the value of your company the value of you the value of the design that you put together because the on the other side of things it's not about brand there's nothing to do with the actual equipment itself it has everything to do with connecting to you on a level that they know they're going to be taking care of that know like and trust factor has to be there if that is not there then they're gonna easily make it about price they are easily going to make it an apples to apples they're gonna make it about anything else if they don't trust you so that's the message, slow down pay attention how do you need to adjust your presentation is this an engineer you're talking to her sister grandma you're not getting used so don't use the same words for those people use words related to and try to use analogies related to what they do find out what they do for work if you're talking to a doctor then all of a sudden already your terms are going to be when you're talking about ductwork or you're talking about the refrigerant flow you know we talk about ductwork says man that's now your arteries and veins for the house right does this make sense that you're talking about with compressor that's the heart it's the heartbeat of the system if you're talking to somebody in the medical field if you're talking to somebody in a totally different industry say they're in it or now everything becomes computer related you're like alright cool so this the operating system in this heating and air system so now you can use in terms related to their industry does this make sense is so subconscious it's so subtle but it's so powerful these are the little things that take a guarantee if you write it in the top super top producer this is instantly what they do they will morph into the person that's the most relatable to the client they're talking to I used to do this all the time still do and all the top producers in fact so many interviews not coming up we're hearing the same thing over and over and it's this you've got to become the person that client wants to buy from how do we do that by developing the trust factor by developing the the know like and trust and a lot of that is by relating to them getting on their level vibing on their level if they're not vibin they're not signing we've got to get the vibe going let's say that's just crucial I mean without that and then it's just a race to the bottom without that it's a commodity by and that's why so many of you here over and over and over all 85% of people out there just concerned with the price well I'm here to tell you that is bull crap 10% are concerned with the price 10% of your shoppers are commodity buyers everyone else I guarantee it is about value every single time you clarify they'll say well you know I don't always just buy the cheapest price I just want to make sure I'm getting the best value for my dollar how do we communicate that It's so wildly important and so one of the ways is by one taking care of all the spokes on the wheel showing up as your best self and I'm not saying be somebody you're not but what I am saying is being the best version of you when you walk through that house the question is you have to ask yourself every day would I buy something from me look in the mirror would I buy something for me today would I spend 50 grand on a project with me today and if your answer is no you've got to get to work on the spokes where is your threshold close your eyes put your hand over your heart and ask yourself would I am start with alone number when I spent $5000 on the heating and air project or whatever you do whatever service whatever project and walk that up what I spend $10,000 on this project would I spend 15 on this project and go in $5000 increments until you hit your threshold where is your internal dial set to where personally you feel like the value you get from you and your company stops I could almost guarantee you when you look at your numbers that's about the biggest systems you've ever sold that's about the biggest project you ever sold so this is a example of what I mean when I say work to become someone worth buying from that is believing in your value believing in your company's value believing in the value that client gets if you look to your own company in your own services and you don't believe that you know a topian system is worth $25,000 your client is definitely not going to believe it if you don't believe your basic system is worth whatever you charge for it your client side that's why people discount because you don't believe they're getting the value from you you don't believe they're getting the value from your company you've got to fix that step one is going to work with going to work on the spokes know that you provide something that nobody else out there is providing know that you are giving value on a level that nobody else out there is giving that value and here's the here's the just straight up truth too and I can say this because I'm completely removed from you in your situation if you don't believe that your company provides that value and let you know a company across count does you know you know don't you're not a tree move and if you're if you're so I'm talking on the consultant level right now you don't have to stay in a place that sucks if the culture is bad all of those things yes work to fix it but if you get to a place where there it's just a dead in road you're beating their head against the wall find a better place there is always a better opportunity your opportunity is what you make it yes but don't get stuck in a dead end street now if you're an owner or a manager was talk to you talk on your level if you evaluate your company and you realize that it is that that bad culture or it's a place where no BP and be honest with yourself check your ego at the freaking door this is your company at your lively and you are in charge of it if the fish stinks it stinks from the head down you are responsible for everything take radical responsibility don't say well it's just the people that are in my company know you are the you are the hand you are what causes everything to happen in your company it is the people you hired it's your fault right so when you do that when you evaluate things on that level what happens is now you also empowered yourself to make the changes necessary to create a great culture to create a company that provides the value that the client actually gets the value that you're charging don't be the company that you know puts it in and then runs down the road and hopes that they don't have problems because you know your service department or sucks or you know that you know your install department sucks and you've got great techs to go back and fix the install department that's your job is to fix those departments so don't be the owner that blames it on anyone else it is your responsibility to make those changes and when you do and when you start taking that radical responsibility for every little thing that happens in your company that's when empowerment happens when you start to actually see the dramatic changes in your company and in your career that's gonna take you to the next level so become that company that you believe the value is there to buy from when you look in the mirror with no ego nothing else attached it just take a completely blank look at it start from scratch OK if I walked into my company...




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