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Lessons Learned in Business Acquisition with Alina Joseph
Episode 174th July 2023 • Before You Buy or Sell a Business • Jared W. Johnson
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About The Guest:

Alina Joseph is a business owner and entrepreneur who has acquired two businesses and is in the process of selling one. She has a background in finance and law, with an MBA and JD degree. Alina has experience in mergers and acquisitions and has a passion for helping others navigate the business acquisition process. Currently, Alina is the owner and CFO at MunchPak, a snack delivery service.


Alina Joseph, a business owner with experience in acquiring and selling businesses, shares valuable insights in this podcast episode. She emphasizes the importance of thoroughly evaluating a business before buying, understanding the financials, and managing people effectively. Alina also highlights the need for transparency and thorough review of documents during the acquisition process. For buyers, she advises evaluating if the business is a good fit and aligns with their financial goals. For sellers, she recommends keeping clean books and staying on top of financial records. Alina's experiences and advice provide guidance for both buyers and sellers in the business acquisition process.

Key Takeaways:

Evaluate a business based on its profitability and growth potential.

Understand the financials and key players in the industry.

Be patient and wait before making significant changes to a newly acquired business.

Thoroughly review all documents and contracts before signing.

Be prepared to manage people and their expectations.


"Just because you have high revenue doesn't mean your cash flow is healthy." - Alina Joseph

"Wait before making changes and get people's buy-in." - Alina Joseph

"Do your own homework and evaluate the business properly." - Alina Joseph

"Be transparent and thorough in your due diligence." - Alina Joseph

"Stay engaged and keep working at it even when you're ready to sell." - Alina Joseph


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