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Episode 56 - The Happiness Audit Part 2
Episode 5612th February 2024 • Choosing Happy • Heather Masters
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Choosing Happy Podcast Episode - The Happiness Audit: Perfect Day Visualisation

In this episode of the Choosing Happy Podcast, host Heather Masters continues with part two of implementing the Happiness Audit. After a review of the first part, she introduces listeners to a new technique called a 'Perfect Day Visualization'.

She guides listeners to imagine and journal about their ideal day—from what it looks, smells, and feels like, to the emotions experienced throughout the day.

She recommends contrasting this with a usual day to identify disparities.

Tips are offered on how to start implementing elements of a 'perfect day' into daily life, suggesting that even small changes can enhance feelings of happiness.

The theme of the podcast is the importance of taking small steps towards achieving happiness.


00:00 Introduction to the Happiness Audit

01:04 Visualizing Your Perfect Day

02:38 Exploring the Details of Your Perfect Day

05:55 Comparing Your Perfect Day to Your Current Day

08:36 Analyzing the Differences and Taking Action

11:16 Creating Your Own Happiness

13:53 Setting Goals and Taking the First Steps

14:39 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

16:06 Outro and Thanks for Listening

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Heather Masters

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