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Pre-chat with Joe Lamp’l from Joe the Gardener Host of the popular TV Gardening Show Growing A Greener World
22nd April 2018 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Green Future

I know some Green Future Growers out there are super excited to hear the pre-chat with Joe Lamp’l and I about the world of podcasting and TV and equipment and growing a greener business especially in the world of communications!

What an honor!  The opportunities and most of all exciting people that I get to connect with thanks to my podcast!

TV Star

I mean it’s like a TV star stepped out of my TV someone I watch every Saturday morning while I do my lesson plans or edit a podcast or paint a picture has stepped into my living room and is sitting here talking with me sharing a cup of coffee and teaching me and inspiring me to be a better steward of our planet!

Awesome Interview!

So for those of you who want to listen in to our our pre-chat here’s it is, otherwise if you just want some AWESOME incredible tips secrets and action steps you can take today like building deep beds, creating the most nutritious soil with your own homemade compost and some suggestions on pest management that might surprise you skip this and just head over the our Bonus Earth Day Episode today with the amazing Joe Lamp’l from the Joe Gardener Show

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