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Ep. 9 Overcoming the Fears of Retirement
Episode 915th November 2023 • Hello Retirement • Emlen Miles-Mattingly
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In this episode of Emlen Miles-Mattingly provides insights on how to overcome the fears associated with retirement. He emphasizes the importance of having clarity, harmony, and focus when it comes to retirement planning. Emlen discusses various aspects to consider, such as income sources, savings, pensions, and Social Security. He also highlights the significance of understanding your desired retirement age based on family longevity and managing debt. Additionally, Emlen emphasizes the need to focus on developing a retirement plan that aligns with your goals and executing it effectively. Tune in to gain valuable insights and tips for a fear-free retirement.

Tune in to our latest episode to learn how to overcome the fears of retirement. Discover how to manage debt and plan for your retirement.

Key Points:

#1 Clarity: Understand where your retirement income will come from, including retirement accounts, savings accounts, pensions, and Social Security.

#2 Harmony: Ensure that all the elements of your retirement plan work together smoothly, considering factors like desired retirement age and housing situation.

#3 Focus: Develop a clear plan, determining when and how the income will be received, the projected longevity of the retirement funds, and how to address debts effectively.

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