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Writing Your Own Rules in Online Business with Deanna Seymour
Episode 10617th May 2022 • The Driven Woman Entrepreneur • Diann Wingert
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Just imagine a high school art teacher, wife, and mom trying to start an online business.  She loves her students and teaching itself but all the rules of the profession are sucking the joy right out of her.  In spite of her boundless enthusiasm and endless creativity, plus years of side hustle experience, like the rest of us, this wantrepreneur turns to the alleged “experts” in the field, the high priestesses of online marketing.  The ones who make 'the rules". 

These celebrity coaches and online marketing gurus have made multi-million dollars selling their courses and coaching programs, and they have pages and pages of testimonials gushing over them, so it had to be “The Way”, and they had a right to make The Rules, only it wasn’t and they don't.  Several courses later, this teacher, whom we will call Deanna (because that’s actually her name) is not only not getting anywhere closer to the promised land of the laptop lifestyle, but she is starting to feel just as disillusioned with this whole online entrepreneur thing as she was as a teacher.  See the real problem? 

Is poor Deanna doing something wrong or did she simply get caught up in the “results, not typical” marketing hype that has made celebrity coaches fabulously wealthy while leaving most of their students blaming themselves for not being one of the success stories they bring on stage at their high ticket sales events?   Well, as you might have guessed, Deanna is today’s guest on The Driven Woman Podcast and she is also the graphic designer and coach that I recently hired and will start working with in June, to help me write MY own rules when it comes to Instagram.   

Here is what you’ll learn in today’s episode: 

  • How Deanna and I met:  In Angie Trueblood’s Podwize membership 
  • Why she broke up with social media for 6 weeks and what it taught her 
  • Why Deanna no longer considers the $$$ she spent on courses to be a total waste 
  • What she thinks is the key to dealing with the fear of being vulnerable online

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Ethical leaders that Deanna mentioned and recommends:

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