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94. The Power of the Exhale with Ashley Neese #FabulousFriends
Episode 9416th April 2021 • Be Well by Kelly Leveque • Kelly Leveque
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Breathwork expert Ashley Neese makes breathing a conscious and purposeful opportunity to check in with our body’s ecosystem. 

Today she lays down the foundations of breathwork, defining the different modalities, and gives practical, grounded advice for anyone wanting to cultivate a more mindful approach to breathing. She also treats us to a powerful breathing body scan exercise to help localize where you hold tension and calm your nervous system. 

We kick the show off with a beautiful 10 minute breathwork session which I hope you keep coming back to! 

You will learn about...

  • What is breathwork? 
  • Understanding the different types of breathwork 
  • Reflections on my life-changing sessions with Ashley 
  • Creating time for your practice 


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