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Event Special – Accountex 2023 Live Interviews Pt6
Episode 25Bonus Episode28th July 2023 • Accounting Influencers Podcast • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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Join Rob Brown, the host of The Accounting Influencers Podcast, as he engages in insightful conversations with three industry experts from FreeAgent at Accountex 2023. Gem Malek, Tony Stevenson, and Dave Norwell share their experiences, perspectives on company culture, and their excitement for the future of the accounting landscape. Gem Malek provides valuable insights into her role at FreeAgent, the conversations she has with visitors, and the vibrant company culture. Tony Stevenson highlights FreeAgent's dedication to supporting small businesses and their efforts in obtaining grants for startups. Dave Norwell discusses common visitor inquiries, challenges in the market economy, and the importance of measuring ROI at Accountex.

Guest Bio

From its humble beginnings of late nights coding and early morning coffee runs, FreeAgent has experienced significant growth and evolution. Today, their award-winning accounting software supports over 150,000 small businesses in managing their finances, while their Practice Dashboard feature enables accountants and bookkeepers to efficiently handle their clients. What started with just a single employee in 2008 has now grown to a team of over 200 individuals who share the same vision and values. The acquisition by the NatWest Group in 2018 has provided a turbo boost to their growth, while still maintaining operational independence. With a mission to streamline business administration for small businesses, FreeAgent empowers entrepreneurs to focus on what truly matters, just as the founders Ed, Olly, and Roan did when they started the company years ago.



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