Staying Committed To Accumulating Wealth In Year 2023
Episode 1703rd January 2023 • Minority Money • Emlen Miles-Mattingly
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Stop writing your new year’s resolution, it’s time to stay committed to accumulating your wealth this 2023. 

Today’s episode is about how to continue to grow wealth and how to stay on track with your goals. Set your goals right, don’t list more than three goals because you will only lose focus of what you really want to do. 

2023 is not the year for excuses. Don’t be afraid to invest this 2023! Listen now! 


No excuses!

Any excuse for non performance however valid softens the character. 

It's a sedative against one's own conscience. 

When a person uses an excuse, they attempt to convince both themselves and others that being unsatisfactory is somehow acceptable. 

They perhaps unconsciously attempt to divert the attention away from the performance, the only thing that counts to their own want for sympathy.

The user is dishonest with themselves as well as others. 

No matter how good or how valid, the excuse never changes the performance. 

The world measures in terms of performance alone, no person is remembered in history for what they may have accomplished. 

History never asked how hard it was to do something nor considered the obstacles that someone had to overcome. 

No person performed a worthwhile task without consciously ignoring the many plausible excuses. 

Washington MITRE reported Delaware's running with ice that would crush our boats. 

Lincoln might have said that people will simply not support a war to keep the South in the union. 

Eisenhower may have said at Normandy, as the Germans did. 

The weather made amphibious assault impossible.

To use an excuse is a habit. We cannot have both the performance habit and the excuse habit. 

We all have a supply of excuses. The more we use them, the lower our standards become the poor our performance, and the better we perform. 

The less plausible our excuses become. The next time you want to defend your slothfulness with an excuse instead say no excuses. 

Notice the startling effect this will have on your self-respect. You will recognize your failure. 

You have been honest with yourself and you'll be one step closer to the performance standard. 


  • The year 2022 ended in a rally
  • An increase in Social Security for retired people
  • Good things that happened with my family
  • Set a small number of goals for yourself in 2023
  • How to continue to grow wealth
  • How to stay track on with your goals

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