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My 100th Episode Special Edition: Lessons in Entrepreneurship from "Inventing Anna"
Episode 1005th April 2022 • The Driven Woman Entrepreneur • Diann Wingert
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The tagline for “Inventing Anna” is: “Inspired by the true story of a total fake.”  

Of course, I was instantly hooked, along with millions of other Netflix subscribers.  Within a week, several of my clients, friends, and family members were messaging me, excitedly asking “Are you watching Inventing Anna?”  and I am pretty sure I know why.  

First of all, I was a licensed therapist for many years before becoming a coach, I am attracted to complex and complicated characters, and I am known for having really good instincts about people.  They know I am especially fascinated by women who step out of the shadows and shine brightly, one way or another. I had never even heard of Anna Delvey before seeing it in the top series section on Netflix but became pretty obsessed with her.  

After binge-watching the Netflix series, I read articles, watched interviews and documentaries, and scrolled through all the IG accounts that may or may not be hers.  But this episode is not about my psychological assessment of Anna’s character, motives, or personality pathology.  It is about my thoughts on the skills and mindset that almost made her a very successful founder and entrepreneur, someone I think we can learn from, regardless of what we think of her motivation or methods.   

So, what ARE those lessons? 

  • Manage your image
  • Network with the right people 
  • Project unshakable confidence 
  • It takes money to make money
  • Develop resilience 

This episode includes a clip from my interview on “The True Fiction Project Podcast’ with host Reenita Hora.  If you want to hear me speculate about what drives Anna Delvey, whether she was/is a narcissist or a sociopath, did a history of childhood trauma leave her incapable of empathy, and more, check it out!

There was very little holding Anna Delvey back, and she didn’t let “little things” like a lack of money, connections or influence stand in her way.  At least until those four years in Riker’s Island held her back in a very big way.  But what about you?  Chances are there is a single habit that if you could identify and change would help you realize your entrepreneurial dreams without breaking any laws! 

Get your personalized result, along with lots of strategies for what to do about it! 

Take the “What’s Holding You Back?” Quiz today by clicking on this link:


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