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The Original Quest, 07-130707
7th July 2007 • Institutum Provisorium • Franco Santoro
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7-13 July 2007, excerpts from The Original Quest: An Astroshamanic Journey into Space and Time with Franco Santoro. A 7-day retreat held at Findhorn Foundation Cluny Hill (Scotland) aimed at offering practical tools and understanding for journeying in dimensions beyond conventional time-space. The aim is to explore archaic roots and lineages, connect with significant individual or planetary memories, release grievances, discovering potentials and bringing healing in our life and environment. Cluny Hill College and its territory will be used as Sacred Circle. The programme includes soul retrieval, past life and time voyages, trance dances, rituals.

Preliminary note: The information provided in this course is presented to stimulate the participants’ awareness and is not intended to replace their direct experience. This course does not constitute the statement of absolute truths, but of limited points of view, parts of a larger vision, or of strategic messages intended to question prejudices and fixed ideas. Please be aware that the author may not currently agree with the information presented in this course. We are against any form of astrological divination, fortune-telling or worship of the stars. We advocate using astrology solely to understand the workings of the human psyche and to measure the divisions of time. All our services, including articles, consultations, courses, and workshops are offered for spiritual and soul-searching purposes, and not to provide healing or treatment of any physical or psychological condition.

(0:00) Saturday: The workshop took place a few days before Franco’s father death. Connecting personal with collective history.

(5:47) Sunday: movement through time; guidelines about first and second stage; description of the practice in the first stage; (32:53) types of attention, sharing.

(41:15) Monday: maps of the territory; experiential astrology; plan of the week according to the original quest (relevant); (52:30) Moon practice; (59:00) meaning of drawing the spiral map.

(1:07:00) Tuesday morning; (1.17:50) Afternoon; types of rituals; (1:20:00) death ritual explanation; (1:28:15) Evening, receiving answers to questions through the territory, connection with ancestor.

(1:32:47) Wednesday; (1:36) four ways of receiving guidance; (1.42) positioning.





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