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Audience Hacking for Free List Growth with Codie Sanchez and Ilona and Olman from AppSumo
Episode 5618th November 2020 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Free email list growth from scratch seems like such a long, hard slog, doesn’t it? 

And unless you’ve got a spare hundred grand to spend on the likes of Facebook Ads, growing your list by 1000 subscribers a WEEK is surely an impossible task…right? 

Well, not necessarily…

Our latest epic guests, Codie Sanchez and Ilona and Olman from AppSumo are here to tell us all about their incredible new project GrowGetters which documents everything they’re doing to grow their email list organically by 1000 subscribers a week. 

The greatest thing about this? 

Anyone can do it....yes even you over there with 2 subscribers.

Audience Hacking for Free List Growth with Codie Sanchez and Ilona and Olman from AppSumo

Episode Content

  • (02:42) It’s two lies and a truth time with Codie.
  • (03:50) The main behind why they started documenting the whole process of growing their email list. Can you relate?   
  • (05:10) What realistically is possible for someone who is just starting out with their list?
  • (06:22) This Google Gmail contacts hack is AWESOME. 
  • (09:10) OK, but what would you do next, after this hack?
  • (11:08) The power of giving testimonials and how you can use them to amplify your OWN project.
  • (11:56) How do you know which communities to get involved in to grow your list further? 
  • (14:03) How to get involved in Facebook groups without pissing the group owner off. 
  • (17:09) Reddit and Quora or as Codie like to call it….the 7th circle of hell.
  • (18:30) Contacting BIG names - surely you’re just gonna get ignored? 
  • (21:23) What’s next in this epic project? 
  • (24:31) This week’s subject line was an email for proposal software that got some great engagement……

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