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The Demographic Transition: An Overview of America’s Aging Population and Immigration’s Mediating Role
Episode 19718th October 2023 • Immigration Nerds • Erickson Immigration Group
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On this episode of Immigration Nerds we discuss the demographic crisis of the "graying of America" and the long-term economic challenges it poses to the United States.

Host Lauren Clarks talks to Ben Gitis, Associate Director, Economy & Immigration, Bipartisan Policy Center, about their report highlighting the role of immigration in addressing this crisis. The report explains that the aging population and slowing population growth lead to a decline in labor force participation, which hampers economic growth. Immigration is seen as a vital tool to counteract these trends by welcoming workers who can fill open positions, contribute to productivity, and support programs like Social Security and Medicare. The report also mentions that other countries, such as Canada, have implemented aggressive immigration policies to address labor shortages, highlighting the urgency for the US to do the same.

GUEST: Ben Gitis, Associate Director, Economy & Immigration, Bipartisan Policy Center

HOST: Lauren Clarke

PRODUCER: Adam Belmar






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