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Who is Jako de Leon? The man behind some of Philippine's biggest creators.
Episode 39th July 2021 • The Remote Cafe • Rob Balasabas
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Who is Jako de Leon? Among many things, Jako de Leon manages big Filipino Creators such as Wil Dasovich, Daniel Marsh, Bogart the Explorer on the PaperbugTV Channel. He also works remotely with clients such as Spotify Philippines, runs the CICP (Creators and Influencer Council of the Philippines), and is also a young dad, husband, and family man.

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Timestamps for your viewing convenience :)

0:00 - Welcome and Introduction to this interview with Jako de Leon.

2:20 - Who is Jako de Leon?

6:34 - How can Filipino Influencers monetize their audiences?

11:02 - How Jako de Leon and Wil Dasovich started working together.

17:11 - Jako de Leon is the Salt & Pepper in a meal. What?!

19:19 - How did Bogart the Explorer start?

33:39 - Working with Creators in the Philippines.

40:01 - You can copy other Creators, but you'll hate it. (paraphrasing!)

41:20 - Are Filipino Celebrities just trying to stay relevant on YouTube?

42:03 - Is being an Opportunist a Bad Thing?

52:02 - We had to pivot

53:11 - Podcasting as a Source of Sanity (so easy!)

1:04:01 - Jako de Leon's Morning Routine


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