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Revolutionizing the Tech Scene: How AI and ChatGPT Are Changing The Game
Episode 42128th March 2023 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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In this podcast episode, Roland Frasier discusses the huge potential of using AI in marketing, business, and copywriting. Roland discusses the prompt engineering framework and touches upon copyright ownership legalities when it comes to AI-created content. He also entertains questions from the audience which will improve our understanding and use of AI tools.


[1:23] Roland Frasier introduces the topic of using AI in marketing and shares an example of a successful sales letter generated in just 18 minutes.

[3:38] Roland emphasizes the importance of asking the right questions when interviewing AI to get the best results.

[4:15] He discusses chat-based AI, GPT, and its capabilities in generating content for marketing.

[5:00] Roland explains how he used GPT to create a sales letter for a marriage counseling business and shares the prompts he used to train the AI model.

[7:00] He shares the result of the sales letter created by GPT and highlights the importance of using stories in sales copywriting.

[10:13] Let the AI generate the testimonials!

[11:02] Knowledge is power: The story of the two young Wall Street men.

[14:49] The use of prompts in AI-generated copywriting is discussed, including naked prompts, role-based prompts, data-fed prompts, and combination prompts.

[17:07] The importance of prompt chaining is discussed, where multiple prompts are used to generate a better result, and the final sales letter is created from the combination of the previous prompts without deleting any content.

[21:10] Discussion on continuation prompts.

[25:00] Prompt engineering framework: The first step in prompt engineering is to train the model by assigning a role to the AI and specifying its capabilities and the desired results. You can also add modifiers such as length, style, and format.

[30:05] Creating a marketing campaign: You can prompt the AI to act as an advertiser, copywriter, or ad exec and create a campaign to promote a product or service. 

[32:20] Recruiting plan: Prompt the AI to act as a recruiter and provide information about job openings. The AI can come up with strategies for sourcing qualified applicants, including social media, networking events, career fairs, and employee referrals.

[36:21] AI can analyze Amazon reviews to identify the most common pain points and positive comments about a product. This information can be used to create marketing messaging and sales letters.

[39:04] AI can brainstorm attention-grabbing hooks for videos on various platforms, such as TikTok, to stop people from scrolling and get them to watch the video.

[41:22] AI can act as a customer and provide insights into how they feel about their challenges, and pain points.

[43:19] AI can generate headlines for ads that are based on the benefits and pain points identified by the AI.

[46:12] Roland shares the power of AI in content creation and how it can be used to generate content like sales messages, social media posts, and product descriptions.

[52:50] He suggests crowd-sourcing the best AI prompts for content creation and how it can benefit the community.

[55:20] He talks about how AI will not put content creators out of business but rather elevate their game and make them more efficient in creating original ideas.

[59:33] He also briefly touches upon the legalities of copyright owners when it comes to content created by AI.

[1:02:20] Roland doesn't think AI-generated content will necessarily be penalized by Google as long as it provides the best answer to the user's query and doesn't contain duplicate content.

[1:02:35] Roland Frasier doesn't see AI-generated content as being fundamentally different from the way human-generated content is often created by compiling information from multiple sources.

[1:04:27] Roland Frasier mentions that AI can also write executable code and even games in seconds.

[1:08:19] A question is asked if there is a tool that can turn a YouTube video into an article, and Roland suggests using transcription software and then having AI rewrite the transcript.



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