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Dune - Chapter 38
Episode 4014th January 2021 • Spice World • Spice World
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New year, new Dune everyone! Frank jumps ahead two years, and has a lot to catch us up on. We find ourselves following the Baron around while he is throwing out death sentences left and right. Once Feyd shows up things get much more interesting. Mike and Derek pine for Piter while the Baron strikes his bargain with Feyd. Once those buzzkills leave, Nefud comes back with semuta to tell us all about...

-Poor Nefud

-Baron's Body Count

-Cheops, the slave master killer

-Then the game no one is talking about...Halleck, Halleck, Halleck

Episode Guide

04:35 Chapter Summary Begins

58:05 Cheops

01:51:15 Halleck, Halleck, Halleck

01:57:30 Major General Henry W. Halleck

02:37:45 Distrans



2019 Rose

"...bright bloom to it. Filters out to a great dry taste..."

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