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E203: Can Vegan Cooking Be The Secret Sauce For Higher Productivity With Max La Manna
17th July 2018 • Breakthrough Success • Marc Guberti
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Max La Manna guest is a zero-waste plant-based chef who educates others on how they can eat healthier. He uses his blog, Instagram, and other platforms to spread the word. He’s been featured on BuzzFeed, Now This News, and other places, and he believes that vegan is the future.

Quotes To Remember:

“Vegan doesn’t necessarily mean healthy.”

“I don't think we need to consume as much protein as we think we do.”

“Give it a try and see how you feel. You have nothing to lose.”

“In America, out of all the people who considered themselves as vegan, 20% are men.”

What You’ll Learn:

  • Being a Vegan
  • How Vegan Lifestyle Improves Productivity
  • Advantages of Being a Vegan
  • Vegetarian Protein Sources


Key Links From The Show:

Max’s Site

Max’s Instagram

Good Catch


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