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23. Raising Luminaries: Finding Their Spark
Episode 2323rd September 2021 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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As parents, there's nothing that we want more than to see our kids thriving, to see what makes their eyes light up, what makes their heart beat faster, what are they drawn to. 

Sometimes it's really hard to identify those things, and society tells us if those things that they feel really connected to are not aligned with conventional ways in which kids are supposed to operate, then those kids are weird and we have to get them more focused on math, reading, sports. 

In today's episode, hopefully, I’m reminding you of all the reasons why that's not true and that it's our job as parents to cultivate that in them, to identify that spark in them, to fuel those flames and to do it in a way where you're leading them and guiding them towards wherever they're called to go. Today, I want to walk you through six ways to really notice that spark in your child and how to cultivate it. 

Now, there's a process we have called The Raising Luminary Spark. It is an exercise, and a workbook that you can walk through yourself and with your children to really figure out what are those things that light your kids up. It could be things that you're totally overlooking, so head over to to grab it. The workbook is really comprehensive and it's something that you can use over and over with each of your kids and you can even do it with yourself if you're feeling a little lost or like you need some clarity in your own life.

Let's raise them up right!

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