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102 | Delete the Beliefs that Defeat You with Lion Goodman
Episode 10213th February 2023 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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Our guest on the podcast today is Lion Goodman founder of the Clear Beliefs Institute. He is a professional certified therapeutic coach with 40 years of experience as an executive coach, teacher, healer, and Subconscious Pattern Detective. He created The Clear Beliefs Method for deleting limiting beliefs, healing childhood wounds, and resolving traumas from the past. 600 coaches, therapists, and healers worldwide have graduated from his Clear Beliefs Coach Training.

Lion is the author of five books, including Clear Your Clients’ Limiting Beliefs and Creating on Purpose. He has taught workshops on 4 continents, and his articles have been widely published in books, magazines, and blog sites. He has been a featured speaker on summits, radio programs, podcasts, and television shows. Thousands of students and clients have reported profound transformation from his work, allowing them to feel freer, be happier, and achieve their goals faster and easier.

Today Lion shares his extensive knowledge about how our beliefs literally shape us and our lives. He helps us to understand how we can clear limiting and negative beliefs permanently and free ourselves from whatever is holding us back, so we can move forward and create the reality we prefer. His ‘Clear Beliefs Method’ can have a profound impact on your life and career.

Listen in as Lion also shares a traumatic experience that ignited his passion for learning more about the brain and how we as humans function. You will hear him openly share his personal story of being shot in the head 4 times, then having an 8-hour conversation with his shooter, and finally negotiating his escape at the young age of 26 years old. It’s a stunning experience that inspired him to get curious about how we can choose to change in ways that work for us.

If you know there’s more of your potential just waiting to be expressed, then I encourage you to listen to Lion’s perspective for insights. I suspect you’ll enjoy Lion’s “Clear Beliefs Method” to help you embrace your personal evolution and enjoy this narrative as much as I did.

Key Takeaways

  • Lion’s unique life trauma at the age of 26 years that ignited his curiosity about human psychology and the brain
  • How to permanently clear limiting or negative beliefs
  • How our brain develops and creates sustainable transformation
  • The definition of what a belief actually is
  • How to pierce the grand delusion of consciousness and live in your truth

Memorable Quote

“If there's something you want, that you don't have, examine your beliefs and change them. That is the greatest lever that anyone has for their own life. Ask yourself, What is it I would have to believe in order to experience this?”— Lion Goodman

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