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[What's My Story] Melinda Emerson
Episode 2828th October 2021 • What's My Story • Robert Kennedy III
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About 20% of businesses, fail in their first year; about 50% by the 5th year. By the time we reach the 10th year, a full 70% of businesses fail. But what if you have a formula, what if you had a secret to becoming a success story? Would you try your hand in business and take a leap of faith?

What's In Store For You

Our guest today is America's number one small business expert. She is the host of the longest-running live chat on Twitter for small business owners, #smallbizchat.

Forbes says that she's the number one woman for entrepreneurs to follow. She's also a former New York Times columnist. She's an Entrepreneur magazine contributor. She's also a best-selling author.

Let's chat with Melinda Emerson and find out the secret to making your business thrive and survive.

  • [04:52] What is Melinda excited about at the moment?
  • [06:58] Why is Melinda so thrilled to have her revised and expanded book "Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months" still on the shelf after 11 years?
  • [08:30] How did hiring a publicist become the catalyst for Melinda becoming a Twitter guru for small business owners?
  • [10:24] What caused Melinda's life to detour which paved the way for her success?
  • [13:43] An unexpected medical emergency caused Melinda's business to suffer, what were her realizations?
  • [17:26] Is there such a thing such as oversaturation for small business owners?
  • [18:51] What was it that gave Melinda a clue that her Small Biz Chat movement was gaining ground on Twitter?
  • [22:03] How did Melinda stand out in Twitter and made #smallbizchat a success?
  • [25:49] While people see success as an overnight thing, what is it that made Melinda go from good to being the best?
  • [27:43] We learn more about Small Biz Lady University and how it can help you launch your dream business or get on the road to making big money online.


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